Features You Want

Because great features should come standard.

Standard Features

We've packed in over 40 advanced calling features to give you the technology and flexibility to grow, regardless of the size of your business. Below our a few of our favourites.

Toll Free Numbers

Select a Toll Free number and have it instantly activated. Choose from an 0800 number or use an existing one.

Local Numbers

Select a local phone number in any area code. Talk as long as you like on our 6,000 to 25,000 minutes free per month.

Global Numbers

Make free international phone calls to over 55 countries. These are counted as national minutes - choose from 2,000-6,000 free per month.


Add DDI extensions, each with voicemail, and an address book and separate login information for individual management.

IP Phones and Devices

Choose from IOS or android
device and make calls free using your business account.

Custom Greetings

Record your company greeting.

Conference Calls

Host conference calls with with no Telco bridging costs using your own conference bridge facility.

Caller Menus

Give callers menu options to connect to your staff and departments.

Fax Send and Receive

Send and receive faxes from your desktop. Incoming faxes are converted into PDF files.

Premium Features

Upgrade and enjoy our premium features.

Caller Analytics

Incoming caller information collected via Telecom white pages telling you the subscribers name rather than caller ID.

Voicemail Transcription

Read your voicemail rather than listen to the actual message. Have your voicemail messages emailed to your smartphone and outlook system.

Premium Hold Music

Choose your favourite music file and personalise your missed messages.

Call Recording

Record any calls you receive to allow hearing both conversations, these files can be saved for later reference.

Computer Phoning

Use your personal computer as a phone using our next generation softphone application.

Mobile Integration

Access all of our great features wherever you might be.

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